A billboard ad is out to help millennials vote with their wallets: Theres a billboard for you!

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The billboard for The Brando billboard in Los Angeles has been popping up around town and the Los Angeles Times is reporting that a campaign is in the works to sell tickets to The Brandos new album, titled The Greatest Showman, which has sold out all 10 dates it has been on the air, as well as a handful of shows at clubs.

According to the Times, the campaign is trying to attract a younger demographic by focusing on what people think about The Brandones album, as opposed to its actual artwork.

“The campaign has been launched to raise money for a new album,” a spokesperson told the Times.

“It will include a video featuring the iconic ‘The Greatest Show’ logo and artwork from the album.”

There is also a website where fans can sign up to receive emails about tickets to tickets to the show, tickets to upcoming shows, and special promotions,” the spokesperson added.

The billboard is set to be up in the next few weeks, and fans can follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

The Brandone label has also launched a new Facebook page, The Brandoso Billboard, where fans are encouraged to sign up for exclusive early access to tickets and other information.

The website also has information on how to register for tickets, as will be released on Thursday, and a new campaign video will debut on The Brandotos YouTube channel in the coming days.