A billboard for Jesus and the ‘Lord’s Prayer’

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This is a banner advertising the billboard on the corner of Hwy 18 and Eglinton Ave W in Toronto.

( Toronto Star ) The billboard advertises a billboard on Hwy18 and Egdinton Ave.


(Google Maps ) The image on the banner shows a sign advertising the church.

(Facebook)The billboard advertizes a billboard in Hwy.

18 and Ella Ave.


(Toronto Star) A sign on the billboard reads, “The Lord’s Prayer”.

(Facebook/Bethany and Mark)Bethannan said the church was originally started by her parents in 1984, but the congregation grew from about 100 members to 300 in 2014.

She said the billboard was created with the support of the city and the church, and she said the message of the message is “love, peace and the love of God”.

She said the sign was put up as part of the “Godly” campaign by the city.

The sign is the second such billboard in Toronto in less than a month.

On Feb. 9, a billboard for a church in Scarborough was erected.