A billboard on the road for the new BTS billboard campaign is about to get the attention of the public

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Billboard has been promoting the “BTS” billboards that will be installed in major cities this fall.

The campaign, which will run in a variety of cities across the United States, is set to be unveiled on Saturday at New York City’s Times Square and Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

The billboards are expected to be on the top of high-rise buildings throughout the United State, but it is the city of New York that has the most to gain from them.

The company is launching a new billboard in the city this fall that features the BTS members’ song “I Want You Back,” which is about the recent mass shootings that left six people dead in Orlando, Florida.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to feature the song ‘I Want you Back,’ ” Billboard said in a press release on Saturday.

“It is a song that has become an anthem for our nation in recent weeks, and we want to reach out to all of the people in the world who are affected by these events and the messages they bring.”

Billboard said it has enlisted local artists to produce the billboards, including the members of BTS.

“Bands like The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Future, Future 2.0 and more, are all contributing to the campaign,” Billboard said.

The Billboard release said the artists have also produced the billboard with the song “Dancing Queen” featuring K-Pop sensation Tiffany and the Chainz.

The song is about Tiffany, who was recently arrested for assaulting a security guard at the Orlando airport and was later released.

“The song is very much about Tiffany and her struggle for her freedom,” Billboard added.

“She is an incredible person and I’m very proud to be part of this campaign.”

BTS has already been featured on billboards in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, which both feature the members performing songs that deal with issues of inequality and racism.

Billboard noted that while “Dance Queen” features the band performing the song, “The Chainz Are Back” also features BTS performing “Run Like Hell.”