A billboard with a message to fight climate change, but the message is not in Spanish

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More than 100 billboards across the country will be showing messages of solidarity with climate change and calling on the government to take immediate action on climate change by 2020.

The campaign, dubbed Premios billboard, is the first step in the government’s efforts to ensure the billboard industry remains competitive, says Carlos Alberto, President of Premios.

“It is a message of solidarity between the public and the companies, the government and the advertising industry,” he says.

Premios has already signed up over 20 million people to the campaign.

The company also aims to have 100 million of these posters in the country by the end of the year, and is also planning to create posters to go to the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, which is set to start on April 1.

Premos billboards are produced by a company called the Cacao Group.

They are located in towns and cities across Argentina, including Buenos Aires, La Paz, La Coruna, La Libertad and other cities.

The billboards are printed on cardboard, laminated and packaged in bags.

The posters are printed with a black-and-white design, and can be easily seen on any street or by passing motorists.

The slogan on the front of the posters reads: “Climate change is not only affecting our environment, but also our future.”

The billboards will feature the logo of the Premier of the Association of Argentinian Municipalities, the country’s highest political authority.

The Premier is the head of government and has responsibility for the management of public and private assets, as well as running the country.

The Premier is also the president of the National Assembly, which has power over most local government bodies.

In a statement, the Premier said that the poster campaign was a “step forward” and was in line with the Government’s strategy of making sure the billboards are competitive.

The billboard campaign comes just weeks after the Prime Minister, Mauricio Macri, said that Argentina would be taking a major step towards meeting the target of limiting the country to 2 degrees Celsius of warming.

Macri’s comments, which were made on January 30, came after President Mauricio Funes said the country would not be meeting the 2020 targets unless there were new actions by the international community.

Macris also said the government would not accept the idea of international aid to address climate change.

“No aid is a substitute for concrete action, the Minister of Economy said in a statement on January 31, following a meeting with leaders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”

This will only be achieved through concrete action,” he said.