Austin billboards cover 2020 for Kendrick Lamar billboard

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Austin, Texas – Billboards Magazine covers Austin, the largest city in Texas, in 2020 for the city’s billboard contest.

The billboard contest, which was hosted by the Austin Community Media Network, will feature 12 winners, including rapper Kendrick Lamar, with a possible one-time $5 million prize.

The city of Austin has a population of 4,868,829.

Kendrick Lamar has been making waves in the music industry with hits like The Life of Pablo and Good Kid, M.A.A., M.D. The project has been met with controversy from critics, who feel the rapper is pandering to young people.

However, critics have said that the rapper, who is well-known for his controversial lyrics and incendiary political views, is not pandering and instead shows that he is sincere in his beliefs.

According to Billboard, Kendrick Lamar’s billboard campaign in 2020 is the first of its kind in the country and features a large-format billboard that is taller than the city and features his image and the phrase “Kendricks” in bold.

The Austin Community Music Network will have the opportunity to select the best posters from more than 120 submissions.

The winners will be announced at a later date.