Austin billboards with ‘Billboard Boy Band’ name come up for sale

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AUSTIN, Texas — A billboard in Austin, Texas, with the words “Billboard Boys” in giant letters has become a hot topic of conversation for the online community.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a woman on Facebook posted a photo of the billboard that read, “I thought I’d just walk down the street and give the billboard a try.

It’s pretty cool, right?”

The billboard features a photo from the film “Billboards” starring Matt Dillon, Josh Gad and Danny McBride.

It features the boys standing in front of a billboard, wearing T-shirts and carrying skateboards.

The billboard was placed on April 6, 1985 and was erected to advertise a movie titled “Billboarding Boys” starring Matthew Dillon, Johnny Depp and Danny McKee.

The film, starring Dillon, McKee and Matthew Vaughn, was released on September 30, 2017.

The movie stars Dillon as Tyler, a boy who joins a skateboarding club and spends his time skating and hanging out with the group.

The group’s leader, Jake, has a crush on the boy.

After a number of posters and a handful of videos have appeared online of Dillon, Depp, Gad and Vaughn skateboarding in Austin and Austin’s downtown, the billboard is attracting a lot of attention online.

One poster on Facebook said the billboard was not the first billboard in Texas to feature the word “BillBoard Boys.”

The billboard in question, however, had been put up on a street near the Austin Convention Center.

The billboard was eventually taken down and replaced with a billboard with a different billboard with the word, “Bill board” in bold letters.