Billboard nominations for 2020 – The best and worst of the 2020 football season

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By Mark O’BrienThe BBC Sport websiteThe BBC is launching a new feature in the UK this year to highlight the best and the worst of all the football stadiums across the country.

It will be the most comprehensive of its kind to date and will feature the best-known stadiums in the country, with the best performances from each, with an emphasis on those from the top four teams.

The feature will be published on the BBC Sport Facebook page on Saturday, August 17 and the BBC Sports website on Sunday, August 18.

We’ve compiled a list of the best venues across the UK, ranked by how they fared in the past 12 months.

You can find the full list of stadiums here.

A number of the stadiums featured in the feature have previously been included in our best-of-the-best rankings, which are based on the results of our annual football rating (FFR) system, which uses the latest football and sporting statistics from the FFR to calculate the best, worst and average performances in each of the sport’s 12 major divisions.

Here are the top five stadiums from the past three years, based on our rating:Aston Villa v West Ham (2013)Aston Martin v Arsenal (2014)Everton v Stoke City (2015)Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion (2016)Tottenham v Liverpool (2017)Liverpool v Newcastle United (2018)Everland v Hull City (2018)*This is the second year the BBC will launch the BBC Football Awards, with each of these stadiums featured on the front of the programme.

Last year, the FA Cup final saw the best of both sides, with Everton v Hull playing out in front of a crowd of 6,400, while the League Cup semi-final saw a similar result with a record crowd of 11,742.

For the full guide to all the best stadiums in England, including a breakdown of the top 10, go to

The BBC’s new feature is a joint effort between the BBC’s football content team and the Football League, which is responsible for the football competitions that feature on the programme, including the Football Championship and the FA cup.

We look forward to your feedback on the new feature, which we hope will be of some help to fans and viewers across the nation.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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