“Billboard truck” hires more employees for 2020s campaign

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BILLBOARD TURBINE’S 2020 Campaign is underway, and the billboards are being cast.

The company hired 2,500 people to support its billboard campaign in 2020, which will help it attract and keep up with the rapid growth in the digital advertising market.

The campaign will also help the company expand into new markets in 2019 and beyond.

Bills are a $100 million dollar business, so BILLBIDGET’S hiring spree is likely to fuel the company’s aggressive growth plan.

The company is also looking at new markets that could provide a greater opportunity for the company to reach its growth potential.BILLBOARDS’ 2019 advertising campaign saw the company reach more than 100 million unique visitors.

This year, the company will spend $400 million on new ads and marketing.BIDDERS HOPE TO BUILD A BILLBILLBOARD NETWORK IN THE NEXT YEARBidgets are also expanding in 2020.

The Los Angeles-based company is building an ad network in the coming years, and plans to build it into a global company.

The first billboard to be built is set to open this summer in downtown Los Angeles, according to a press release.

The network will be able to connect with consumers and advertisers to create content that’s relevant to them, the release stated.

Bids for billboard space in 2020 will be based on a percentage of the number of visits to each billboard, and will be for an average of six billboards per day.

The Los Angeles billboard network is the second to be announced this year, after another company, L-3 Communications, announced a plan to build an ad space for billboard use in San Francisco.