Billboards from the 1990s: The Ted Cruz Billboard Collection

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Posted February 15, 2018 04:02:23Billboards from The Ted Rogers Billboard Collection are here for the record.

These ads are all from the early 90s and all feature Cruz, with Ted Jr. appearing at the top, and a cameo from Ted Jr.’s brother, Ted Cruz Jr. Ted Cruz, then the Texas senator and later the Republican presidential candidate, is often depicted with the slogan, “Keep the Country Great Again.”

These billboards, which run in various locations around the country, are the work of Ted Cruz’s son, Ted Jr., who created the ads for the billboard company.

Ted Jr and Ted Cruz are the same person, according to Ted Cruz.

In fact, Ted Sr. is Ted Cruz himself, Ted’s son and an active part of the Ted Cruz campaign.

Ted Sr.’s ads feature Cruz speaking to a group of kids, one of whom is named “Bobby.”

“Bodie” has a baseball cap with a Ted Cruz pin on the back.

“Buddy” wears a Cruz shirt and hat.

“Drew” wears Cruz sunglasses.

“Lil Bub” wears the Cruz hat.

The posters also feature Cruz wearing a suit jacket and cowboy boots.

The Ted Rodgers Billboard Collection includes a handful of Ted’s signature billboards from the 1980s, including a billboard of the Republican National Convention in 1988, and one featuring Ted Cruz at a rally in 1996.

“You’re the best,” Cruz says at the beginning of one of his ads.

The campaign has also produced a billboard with Cruz wearing an outfit similar to his trademark cowboy hat, and another featuring Cruz at an event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in 1988.

In one of the more memorable ads from the Ted Rogers billboard collection, Cruz addresses a crowd of people who were chanting his name during a rally.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho!

You’re all part of this,” Cruz said, before pointing his finger in their faces.

The “Hey Hey Ho” campaign slogan has been a staple of the Cruz campaign ever since, and Cruz has been able to draw upon that slogan to promote his campaign and his political agenda.

In addition to the Cruz billboard collection from the ’80s, has also created the Cruz’s official website.

The site is powered by the same technology used by the Cruz presidential campaign, including Google Ads, which is the third-largest advertising platform in the world.

It has also featured the ads of other prominent Republican presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul.

“This collection has been curated to highlight the iconic Ted Cruz billboards from around the world, from his 1988 campaign kickoff in Texas to his first run for the U.S. Senate in 1992,” Ted Cruz said in a statement.

“It has also provided a wealth of information about the campaigns and candidates who have been featured on these iconic images.”

Ted Cruz has made his name in politics through the endorsements and endorsements alone.

He is currently running for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

In an interview with The Associated Press in 2014, Cruz told reporters, “I’m the most successful politician in the history of the world.”