Fox News: Trump’s new billboard tops 200 billboard top 100

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Fox News has obtained an image of Donald Trump’s billboard that features a black and white image of the former Miss Universe, Mariah Carey, with the caption “This billboard is going viral.” 

The billboard features a white backdrop, with a black, text-filled message on top of it. 

The image was taken by a Fox News cameraman who was in a helicopter hovering over the former beauty queen’s home on Saturday. 

Fox News was not immediately able to reach Carey for comment. 

Trump, who took office on Jan. 20, has long called Carey a “sick whore,” and last month he threatened to sue her for defamation if she doesn’t release his tax returns. 

In January, Carey announced she would no longer be appearing on the Celebrity Apprentice, after it was announced that the show would be ending. 

She and her husband, actor Robert De Niro, have been friends for years. 

A source told Fox News that Trump plans to hire Carey as a spokesman for his new White House, which has not yet been announced.