How to be a billboard boy band in the digital age

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“It’s kind of the new way to do it,” says Joe Dominguez, founder of the company, which he founded with his brother.

“We want to be as relevant as possible in a digital world, and to be able to put the same quality, same feel, same visual aesthetic on the screen as if we were on a traditional billboard.”

Dominguez and his brother have spent the last two years putting together a new team of artists to create the billboard boy group, which includes local talent like guitarist Mike Domingues, singer/guitarist Mikey Domingue, bassist Scott Dominguzes and drummer Aaron Dominguis.

They’ll launch a Facebook page soon and begin a social media campaign to help promote the group and raise money for the family.

“We’re kind of trying to do the opposite of what we did before,” says Domingucci.

“There’s a lot more social media presence, more Instagram and Twitter.

It’s just kind of a fresh new approach.”

The billboards are part of an effort by Domingucas to connect with the younger generation, many of whom are in their teens or 20s and are growing up with an Internet connection and a new generation of media.

The billboards, which will be installed in areas such as Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Los Angeles, will be paid for by Domesucas’ foundation.

The billboard boy bands will also be able sell shirts, stickers, posters, posters and more.

Domingucias says the goal is to reach as many teenagers as possible.

“It’s about connecting with them,” he says.

The billboard boys, who will be wearing “I Am Boy” shirts and hats, will debut in April, according to the group’s Facebook page. “

And they’re excited about it, too.”

The billboard boys, who will be wearing “I Am Boy” shirts and hats, will debut in April, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Domesucias and his team hope to have the group of billboards up in Vancouver by the end of the year.

The group is the brainchild of Domingutas, who says he wanted to create a group that would be representative of his passion for the art of billboards.

The brothers first met while they were in the eighth grade at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“It was very cool to see him hanging out with a lot of the other kids, and it was cool to have him come out here and just come up with a group,” says Michael Dominguccas, a member of the band.

“He had an amazing vision for what a billboard band should be,” says Aaron Domesuccas.

“I feel like he’s made us the team we are today.”

To learn more about the billboard band, visit their Facebook page and watch a trailer for their first single, “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”



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