How to buy a billboard with Rs1.6 lakh in India

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A digital billboard cost about Rs1,6 lakh, but the price of one billboard in Mumbai is still cheaper than the cheapest in the US.

The billboard, built by a Mumbai-based company, was launched on December 20.

The advertisement, which showed a woman in a bikini and a woman’s arms spread out, has gone viral in India and has attracted over one crore views on YouTube.

The company that built the billboard is a subsidiary of the Mumbai-headquartered Advertising and Digital Media Development Corp (ADDM).

The company is known for producing high-end digital billboards and has built up its presence in Mumbai.

However, the company was not able to secure a license to sell billboard in India as the government was still waiting for approval from the Advertising and Advertising Standards Council of India.

According to an advertisement posted on the company’s Facebook page, the billboard has the capacity to hold one million people, although the total audience has yet to be estimated.

It has a space of 25 feet by 10 feet and the size of a football field.

ADDM has built the advertisement for the brand “Dawn”.

“In this billboard we have chosen a very beautiful colour for a bright and bold design.

We have created a very clean, classy and elegant visual statement.

The slogan “Doomed to die” is the slogan that we are trying to convey,” the advertisement read.

The billboards were constructed using a digital design tool called “Pixable”, a software developed by the advertising company.

The software, which is available to any company that has an ad campaign, can be used to create digital billboards.

ADDCM also created an animation which shows the billboard as it appears in the sky.

According the advertisement, the billboards cost around Rs2.4 crore to construct.

The company has already sold over 20,000 billboards in the city and plans to expand its presence.

“We are targeting to build another 20, to 30 billboards this year in Mumbai, which would be a total of 50 billboards,” Ad DCM CEO Vishal Srivastava told ET.

The city’s digital billboard market is expected to grow by 20 per cent in the next two years, according to Ad DCMP.

“We expect that the number of billboards will grow to around 200,000 by 2020.

There will be about 40,000 advertisements in the digital billboard space in the coming three years,” Srivas said.



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