How to fight a legal billboard lawsuit

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The legal battle over a billboard campaign by an Israeli lawyer for a slain Palestinian activist is only one of several that has been brewing in Israel over the past two years.

The lawsuit, filed last year in the Israeli Supreme Court, was brought by the lawyer, Yigal Ben-David, in response to the government of Israel ordering the demolition of a Palestinian mosque in the village of Nabi Saleh, near Bethlehem, in October 2016.

Ben-David’s campaign is based on a number of legal arguments that he claims prove the building of the mosque was an act of terrorism.

He says the government’s move was aimed at “preventing the spread of the ideology of Palestinian nationalism.”

The case has been on the ground since 2014, when the court ruled in favor of the demolition.

Benjamin Netanyahu, then-defense minister and defense minister of Israel, ordered the demolition in order to prevent the spreading of the ideas of Palestinian nationalist ideology.

However, as The Times of Israel reported at the time, Ben-Durion said he had no knowledge of the decision, and that the decision was based on “facts.”

In the meantime, Ben Ben- David was busy using his office to make money off the controversy.

He launched a billboard in Jerusalem that read: “A man is killed by the occupation for the purpose of making money,” and was accompanied by a picture of a gun.

The billboard was designed to “send a message to the Israeli public,” the attorney wrote.

In the caption, he explained that he wanted to raise the issue of the “disgusting act of terror.”

The billboard campaign was launched just days after the murder of 17-year-old Marwan Barghouti, an Israeli student who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank on October 21, 2016.

Barghoutid was shot during an attempted stabbing by two Palestinians who were members of an Israeli settler group.

The two Palestinians had tried to kidnap Barghoutsi.

According to a statement released by the Jerusalem District Court, Barghansi’s death had a “chilling effect” on his family and friends.

The case has since become a catalyst for a wave of protests across the Palestinian territories, with protesters calling for the killing of Israeli soldiers, soldiers shooting Palestinian civilians and soldiers shooting civilians.

The case brought forth a number legal arguments, such as the legal right of “terrorists,” and the legal definition of “terrorist.”

But Ben-Ben said he would never “use his office in this way,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

The lawyer added in a statement to The Times Of Israel that he had not seen the billboard campaign and did not “have any intention of doing so.”

He added that he would “never use my office for any illegal activities,” and added that his goal was to defend the rights of the Israeli citizens and not to incite the public.

The campaign’s creator, a woman named Shira Cohen, has also called for the prosecution of the protesters.

According the Jerusalem Times, the campaign’s organizers are planning a protest march to Ben-Bev Ben- Durion’s residence, where a judge is scheduled to hear the case.