How to Get a Billboard Billboard Best Album Cover | Billboard 1979

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Posted December 12, 2019 11:27:53If you’ve got a good album cover, you might want to get it printed for posterity, since that’s what the record labels want.

A billboard in a city is a great way to promote your album.

If your album has a great cover, then it will be in your hometown, and people will flock to it to hear it.

The billboard can also be used to promote the album itself, since you can promote the cover on your Facebook page or on your blog.

But if you don’t have a billboard in your city, you can still do this, by printing a cover on a cardboard template.

This article is a collection of tips and tricks for getting a Billboard Best Cover poster.


Use a poster with good contrast.

You might think that the best poster is a glossy black-and-white picture of a smiling man, but that’s not necessarily the case.

A glossy black and white photo is usually much too bright, and it can make the picture look like a blurry image.

Instead, try a poster that’s brighter, with a lighter background and a dark background.

This will create a more flattering image.2.

Get the cover size right.

When printing a billboard, make sure that it’s at least 12″x18″.


Don’t use a digital image.

Digital images can create a distracting effect, and the image can also appear blurry, so use a non-digital image instead.4.

Get your poster size right!


Create a cover image.

Make sure you get a poster sized in the right size, so you can put it on a billboard and get people to look at it.

The poster is going to be big enough to be used on your website, and your billboard is going a long way in getting your album covered.

The poster should look like the image below, and be at least 18″x24″.

The poster is actually not too big for the billboard.


Use the right cover art.

The best cover art is the one that shows you clearly where your album is.

Use a great photo of your album cover.


Put your cover image on your billboard.

Put your cover art on your poster, and place the poster on the billboard so that it covers all the way around the billboard, making it look like it’s floating.


Get a cover letter.

Put a letter on the poster that shows the people that you have in your band.

You can use a simple photo of the band’s members, or you can use something more artistic like a picture of your bandmates. 


Add a website link.

Make your website cover page a link to your billboard, as in this example.

Put the website link at the top of the page, and add your billboard to the homepage.


Add your cover letter and poster.

Put all your cover letters and posters together on your cover page. 

The billboard is now ready for the public to see! 

You now have a poster for your album, and you can now promote your cover on the internet.

To make your cover look great, you’ll need to do a few things:1.

Set up your billboard on the correct side of your billboard billboard.2