How to make the most of the Lincoln project billboard in Adelaide

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When the National Parks and Wildlife Service announced last year it would build a billboard on the corner of Lincoln Street and Eliza Avenue, it didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Lincoln project manager Julia Taylor said the project would have been too big to use in Adelaide, as its design was already well-established and well-received elsewhere.

“We’re a new project here and we’re doing something that’s not a national park,” she said.

I was really surprised by how well it’s going to be received locally.

We’re really excited about the way it’s being received locally and it’s been very well received.

The project has received support from local councils and some businesses, with some seeing an economic benefit.

Councils and businesses across Adelaide are planning to put their logo on the project, as well as the new National Park logo on top of the billboard.

There will be more signage across the city.

For now, it will only be up for a week, but there are plans to extend the campaign to weekends.

When it opens, the new billboard will feature the iconic symbol of the city in the top right corner, and will be flanked by some of the iconic local landmarks.

It’s likely to be the first time the sign has appeared on the ground since it was unveiled in 2014.

Julia Taylor said she was proud of the new initiative and hoped to have the project up and running in the next few weeks.

We’re very pleased that it’s now open for business and people are seeing it in their community and getting the message out.

Melbourne has seen a lot of signage for its new National Parks logo, but it is the only city to use the iconic Sydney symbol.

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