How to make your Facebook ad work on billboards

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This week, the U.K. and Germany’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have issued warnings for billboards advertising social media.

The ASA says billboards need to be placed on at least 2 metres (7 feet) away from the user.

If a billboard is not close enough, it could cause a distraction, and this could “increase the likelihood of the person seeing the advertisement”.

In addition, billboards need “clear and unobstructed” views of the user’s screen, and must have “a maximum height of at least 12 metres (40 feet)” to avoid “height discrimination”.

If you’re unsure whether you have a billboard, you can ask the company for advice, ASA spokesperson Emily Smith said.

If you use Facebook and Twitter in your campaign, “make sure you use the correct hashtags,” Smith said, adding the company’s own guidance states that “the correct hashtagging is #facebook or #twitter, but that’s just a guideline”.