How to read the ads on hot 100: What to know about Taylor Swift’s latest billboard campaign

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Hot 100 singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is in hot water again.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart has been downgraded to its lowest ranking since 2009, and the pop star’s latest ad campaign has left many to wonder how she is going to keep her position in the top spot with the most-watched show on television.

According to Nielsen data, her current tally stands at 9,715,000.

She has also posted the lowest viewership for a pop star in seven years, at just 1.4 million viewers.

Swift has posted several videos on YouTube featuring her latest billboard.

Her first one, titled “I Need Love,” which has been viewed almost 14 million times, was a hit on YouTube with more than 20 million views in just under a month.

The next one, “I Can’t Stop Dancing,” was posted on March 14, and has now racked up over 15 million views.

It is a good sign that Swift is not in hot waters, but the pop superstar still has a long way to go to make up ground with the top performer.

Last year, she was in sixth place behind Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

In fact, her first three Billboard Hot 200 hits — “We Can’t Feel Happy,” “I’m With You” and “Blank Space” — are all from 2014.

She is not on track to break the top 20, according to Nielsen, but her next two singles — “Bad Blood” and the new single “Love Story,” which hits stores April 6 — could easily pass her.

According of the Nielsen data on pop music viewership, Swift has seen a rise in both audience and number of plays.

She also posted a steady rise in total viewers and average viewers.

The pop star posted a total audience of 4.1 million in January 2017.

She posted a 1.9 rating in January 2018, a 1-month decline of about one-third of the audience.

In March, she posted a 0.6 rating, down a whopping one-fifth of the viewership in the same month.

In March, her average audience of 7.5 million was down about 18 percent from the same period last year.

And her audience has not risen as much as it has in March 2018.

In February, it was down a mere 2 percent.

So, how does the pop singer keep her spot in the rankings?

For one thing, she has managed to put up her own video, which was released on March 6.

That video features a different voice over, as opposed to the typical music video.

According to Billboard, the video was watched more than 10 million times on YouTube.

The music video is the most watched song on the chart and it is likely that the video will draw more viewers to the streaming service.

Another factor is that Swift’s new single, “Blanks,” has posted strong numbers on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the United Kingdom, the song was the most streamed song on YouTube in March.

And it was the top song in the U.S. on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart.

In addition, the U, Canada and Australia have seen a surge in fans streaming Swift’s song.

Swifty has posted videos that have generated more than 1 billion views.

And she has also started to post video-sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

This will help her to stay in the Top 5 spots, which means she will be the highest-rated artist on the charts.

She will also be the top artist on Billboard magazine’s top 200 albums list.

It appears that Swift will remain in the Billboard Hot 2000 chart for the foreseeable future, even though she posted her lowest rating since 2009.