How to spot a Kanye West billboard in the Philippines

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The latest billboard from Kanye West’s new project, Spotify, in the country is about to hit the streets.

The billboard, which is part of the rapper’s ‘Runaway’ series, features a billboard reading “Stop Kanye West”, with a caption that reads “Kanye West” above a mural of the American rapper.

The “Stop” part of Kanye West is the word he is using to refer to the recent controversy that has surrounded the artist.

Kanye West has been criticized by his fans, who say he has been “misleading” the public, for his use of the phrase “stop Kanye West” and for other instances of plagiarism.

“KANYE WEST: Stop Kanye West,” the billboard reads, “You are not welcome in our country.

You will not have the right to call your own name in this land.”

The billboard has been put up in various locations across the Philippines and was also featured in other countries.

Kanye has also been criticized for being a hypocrite when it comes to the word “stop” being used in the name of his project, and has been using it as a hashtag.

Kanye’s campaign for his album ‘Run Away’ was originally scheduled to open on May 12.

He announced on Instagram on Friday that the first day of the tour will be May 18 in Manila.

He has since taken to Twitter to call attention to the billboard and to the controversy surrounding it.