How to take a selfie without looking at it while it’s still alive

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How do you take a photo while the shutter is still on?

You can’t, it won’t.

A new study has revealed that the human eye has an optical “clamp”, a small force which forces a light wave to stop moving at the exact moment when it has stopped moving.

The clamping force, measured as a change in the angle between the light wave and the retina, can cause the eye to be tricked into thinking it is looking at something, according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

“Theoretically, you could take a picture without looking,” said lead researcher Dr Mark Jones from the University of California, Berkeley.

However, this has been demonstrated in only one human experiment, the study’s lead author Dr Daniela Carlino said.

She said that this experiment involved only a single participant and it was a small sample size, so the results were difficult to draw conclusions.

It’s hard to say what the effect might be for other types of photography, such as video or video games.

Jones and colleagues used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to look at how the brain responds to the clamping of light waves.

They also measured the light-emitting response of the eye and eye-spots in the retina of the participants.

This revealed that during the experiment, light was either blocked or focused on the subject.

To find out if the clamp of light could be used to see, the researchers then played the same sound, which looked similar to a click, in the participants’ eyes.

When the researchers looked at the response in the eyes of the people who were using the clamp, the scientists could see that they could detect the change in brightness that the sound had caused.

But when the people were not using the clamps, they could not detect this change in intensity, indicating that the effect was lost.

How do you see?

The researchers also used a special tool to measure the change of intensity of the light waves in the eye-spot area, and were able to see that the change was not detected.

As a result, the clamp was no longer needed to capture the subject’s eye-slight.

Instead, the eye can be tricked by the visual information being sent to the brain to interpret it.

Dr Jones said that the findings could have major implications for the use of video cameras in the future, because it could be that people who can’t use clamps might be more sensitive to the visual cues being sent.

Image caption The clamp is used to help the eye detect the changes in light intensity caused by the sound source



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