How to tell if a billboard advertorial is fake or not

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1 / 8 / 2017 4:45 PM BuzzFeed News BuzzFeed News’ digital team is on the lookout for adorials that are not from the official BuzzFeed News team, or are created with a friend’s help.

BuzzFeed News will also remove any ads that appear to be fake when it can, in order to preserve the authenticity of the content.

BuzzFeed is also checking whether adorial ads from other news organizations are legitimate, or whether any are inauthentic.

BuzzFeed news employees will have access to the data it needs to check each adorial ad and flag it as fake or inauthentically created.

BuzzFeed will also check whether ads from others news organizations and BuzzFeed News themselves are authentic, and flag them as fake when BuzzFeed can’t determine the source of the adorial.

BuzzFeed’s ad-monitoring team will also be able to flag ads for obvious reasons, such as spam, fake or plagiarized content, and misleading or misleading ad titles.

The ad-tracking team will be able also flag ads that are in the middle of an ad, which will alert the BuzzFeed News customer service team.

BuzzFeed has already identified more than 1,500 ads that were not produced by BuzzFeed News staff, BuzzFeed News VP of editorial Dan McLaughlin said.

BuzzFeed said the new data will help it make better decisions about which ads to remove.

BuzzFeed also said it will begin asking BuzzFeed News users to report fake or misleading ads if they think they’ve been flagged by the ad-audit team.

The new system will also include tools for users to contact BuzzFeed News if they find an adorial with information they think is inaccurate.

BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed staff members will also have access “to a robust analytics platform that allows us to identify suspicious adorial activity that has been flagged and remove the ad from circulation,” BuzzFeed said.

The ads will be removed by the end of the week, McLaughlin added.

BuzzFeed announced last month it would be ending its ad-spotting operations in 2018.

The company’s new ad-detection platform is designed to detect ads that resemble the official content of BuzzFeed News, but BuzzFeed has not said how the new platform will measure the ad’s authenticity.



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