How to vote in the battle of billboards in Delhi

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The battle of billboard ads in Delhi has begun.

The billboards have to be cleared by the Election Commission of India.

There are also several other hurdles to clear.

First, the number of billboards must be fixed by the commission.

Secondly, the candidates must be approved by the civic body.

Thirdly, the billboard can only be placed for a limited period of time.

The election commission can issue a permit for the placement of a billboard during a certain time.

And finally, the election commission has to approve the candidates.

The first hurdle is to decide on which candidates can appear on the billboards.

Each billboard has to be registered with the Election Commissioners office, but only candidates from the same political party can appear.

So the election board can issue an order to each of the candidates to appear on each billboard.

The next hurdle is the candidate selection.

Each candidate has to have his or her name printed on the billboard.

The candidates can only appear once in each polling booth.

They can also vote once in the booth, but the candidate who won in the previous election cannot vote in this time.

The last hurdle is a candidate-selection deadline.

The Election Commission has to decide how many times candidates can be selected for each booth in the polling booth, as well as how many days each candidate can be available to voters.

It is possible to have more than one candidate for each polling station.

These candidates can then vote twice in the same booth.

If a candidate wins the election, he or she can also be nominated as a candidate in the next election.

The Election Commission is a part of the Government of India and is entrusted with election administration.

However, it is not responsible for the election.

The parties involved in the election process have to adhere to the Election Code of Conduct.