Israel to ban billboards of billboards in cities, cities banned from billboards

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Israel is to ban all billboards in major cities from 2020.

The country has banned all public gatherings and activities on the country’s major streets, and on public transportation, which have been the primary means of communication for Israelis for decades.

Public gatherings in the country will be restricted to designated areas such as the main road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the main highway between the cities of Jerusalem and Ashkelon, and the main roads in the city of Ramallah, the capital of the West Bank.

A billboard with a message from the Ministry of Defense will be banned.

It is to be accompanied by a disclaimer saying that the ministry does not endorse the message, the ministry said in a statement.

The government has also announced the establishment of a committee to examine the effectiveness of public announcements and billboards.

The billboards ban comes as Israel continues to deal with the fallout from the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip and the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

More than a million people have fled Gaza since the conflict began in 2015, with hundreds of thousands displaced.

Many have found shelter in Israel and neighboring countries.

Israel has also been rocked by a series of terror attacks, including a suicide bombing in Jerusalem that killed a security guard and injured five people in July.

Israel has since vowed to crack down on the growing influence of Islamic militants, but the threat is still evident in Israel.

In January, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the closure of more than 20,000 public schools in the occupied West Bank, a move that was largely seen as a response to rising anti-Semitism and anti-Arab sentiment.

In November, Israel imposed a ban on the sale of food products made in Israeli settlements in the Westbank, which has resulted in a drastic reduction in the amount of fresh produce available for sale in supermarkets.



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