Kendall Lamar: “I Feel Like A Rockstar” – ‘I Feel Pretty’ – ‘Hood Like A State’

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A few weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar dropped his latest single, “I feel like a rockstar.”

He then shared a snippet of the track on Twitter.

“My nigga Kendrick Lamar is on a trip,” he captioned the song’s lyrics.

“He’s been on a little hiatus.

He’s gonna get back in the game soon.”

Lamar followed up with a video on Instagram of the rapper and the group, “Hood like a State.”

The video featured Kendrick and producer Joell Ortiz sharing their favorite songs from the past, as well as some of the songs they would be listening to this weekend.

Lamar shared, “We’re on a vacation with our family, so I can’t share my favorite songs right now.”

In an interview with MTV News earlier this month, Kendrick said that he is “pretty much on a hiatus” and he’s looking forward to the weekend.

Kendrick also teased that he will be releasing new music during his hiatus.

“I have to be honest,” he said.

“There’s gonna be some new music that I’m working on.

I just gotta do some interviews and all that stuff.”

Kendrick and Joell also teased what music they would like to release in the future.

“We are all in a funk.

We’re all going through some tough times,” Joell said.

Kendrick then added, “You know, when you do the right thing and you live up to your word, that’s when the songs come out.

We just have a really good group of dudes.”

Kendrick Lamar and Joll Ortiz, in an Instagram video, in 2015.

Kendrick Lamar captioned his song “I felt like a Rockstar,” on June 30, 2020.

“You’re on my side,” Lamar added.

“Your life is on my shoulders.”

On July 10, 2020, Kendrick was spotted in London filming for his new single “The King of LA.”

In the video, Lamar and his friends, including Joell and his son, Kendrick Jr., are seen hanging out with friends.

In the caption, Kendrick wrote, “There is no one better to hang out with, so let’s party like crazy.”