Lamar Billboard Billboard’s New Album Is a Powerful New Work of Art: The Best of 2013

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LAMAR BEATLES, the record label that produced the Grammy-nominated hit song “I’m A Celebrity” and has been the main label for decades, has announced a new album, “I Love You.”

The announcement, made on the label’s official Twitter account, comes as Billboard has reported that it has received the first batch of the album, which is due to be released on April 1.

It is the second consecutive year that Billboard has announced the release of a new record by the record company.

In 2018, the magazine said that it had received “the first batch” of the record, which it said was a collection of five songs from the band’s upcoming LP.

The label said that “I Hate The Way You Treat People” would be released this fall, with “We’re Just Like Us” on May 1.

Billboard reported that “We Want You” would also be released in 2018.