LATE GAME: New Billboard Chart Reveals Monica’s Top 40 Billboard Artist Chart

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Monica is on a tear right now, selling out all her shows in a week. 

 With her new album, “Monica,” out next week, the pop star is the biggest selling artist in the world, as she has done before. 

And now the Billboard charts have revealed that she is #1 on the Billboard 100 artist chart. 

It is the first time she has been #1 in a year since her 2011 breakthrough album, The Best of Me, which sold 1.8 million copies.

The chart also released Monica’s first No. 1 album, titled “I’m Not” which was released on July 6.

It is one of three albums on the chart that is not her first, as “Fluorescent” was her first No 1 album in the U.S. in 2016 and “I Feel Love” was a No 1 on the U, R & R chart in 2011. 

She also has three No 1 singles on the Hot 100.

She’s now on the road to breaking the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs (HED) chart, which is currently held by Katy Perry. 

“I feel love” has sold more than 6 million copies, which makes it her third No 1 in the past three years. 

Monica is the only singer-songwriter to have sold more albums than 30 million albums. 

Her best-selling album, the critically-acclaimed “Mono,” sold more that 11 million copies in the week ending Aug. 24. 

The album was also the top selling album in America for four consecutive weeks, with sales reaching 10.2 million.

Monica has been in the Billboard Hot 100 since the chart was created in 1992. 

On the Hot Hot 100 chart, the most popular artist is the artist who has sold the most copies, regardless of which chart the song is on. 

In the case of Monica, her highest-selling single to date is “Monkey,” which has sold 11.5 million copies worldwide. 

As Billboard Magazine reports, Mono has sold nearly 11 million more copies than Katy Perry’s “Bad Romance.” 

Monos hit album peaked at No. 4 on the Jan. 3, 2020, Hot 100 and has since sold more copies on the charts than Katy’s  “Pony.” 

It has been on the list for the past six weeks and is currently in the top three on the February 19, 2021, Hot 200 chart.

Mono also topped the charts in France for the first week of August, as well as in Australia and the United Kingdom, while she has sold over 1.5 billion copies in Latin America.



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