McDonald’s to add billboard to billboard top hits list

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McDonald’s has launched a billboard campaign to boost its local presence and advertise its new “Top Hits” restaurant, adding the iconic chain’s signature billboard and two new restaurants in Las Vegas and Denver.

The two McDonald’s restaurants will launch this year in Las, the largest city in the state, and Denver, a second-largest city in Nevada.

“McDonald’s is proud to be recognized by a variety of communities and brands across the United States, which is why we’ve chosen to showcase the McDonald’s brand in the Las Vegas area,” the chain said in a statement.

The announcement follows years of efforts by the chain to grow its local footprint.

Last year, it expanded its U.S. stores to include more than 2,300 locations, and last month, it announced it was expanding its local sales force to include 50,000 employees, more than double the current size.

McDonalds added its signature McDonald’s logo to the top of the first billboard in Las Venecia in 2019, but the company said it’s already adding more.

McDonald the family-owned company has expanded into many new markets over the past two decades, expanding to more than 30 countries and more than 1,300 cities.

The chain has also established franchises in several major cities in the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and India.