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Billboard and other major record labels have used a number of billboards throughout the years to promote their music, including billboards for the hit pop singer Michael Jackson.

But this time around, it seems the music industry is taking a different approach.

The Billboard chart is set to change, and a lot of music companies are getting into the act.

According to Billboard, Billboard’s annual “America’s Albums” chart will change from this year’s March 15 to March 18, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Jackson’s death.

It’s unclear what Jackson’s album will be, but he’s reportedly been working on a new album.

According to Billboard , Jackson’s music is being remastered by David Bowie’s new band, The Strokes.

In addition, the Billboard chart will no longer be divided into categories for singles and albums.

Instead, it will be divided by the total number of days of the week that each song has been in circulation.

If you’re wondering how it all came about, Billboard explains that the album was originally scheduled for a March 18 release.