NHL players, coaches, celebrities react to the ‘Alicia’ billboard advertisement

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NHL stars and former players are speaking out against a billboard ad campaign from billboard rap artist Alicia Keys that calls her a liar.

“This is not the first time the media has used my name,” Keys told ESPN.com.

“It is not even the first campaign I’ve participated in, but I can’t see myself as a spokesperson for any other brand.”

Keys, whose real name is Jasmine Lee, is the latest woman to take aim at the billboard campaign, which she says has made her a target.

“I’m the most beautiful woman in the world and people are calling me all kinds of crazy names for being that,” Keys said.

“But it’s not my fault.

They’re using my name because of what happened to me.”

Keys was hired by billboard rapper T.I. to promote a new movie on a public bus tour in Atlanta in June, when a woman who identified herself as Alisa Keys allegedly punched a man in the face on the way to the theater.

She said she has never done anything like this before.

“She’s a liar,” Keys, 23, told ESPN about the woman who attacked her.

“I feel so sorry for her, and I’m glad to see that the whole world is trying to find justice for her.”

Keys said she was in Atlanta with the team for a basketball game, when she heard about the alleged attack.

The team, which was on the road for a playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks, was flying home from Atlanta for a game at the Pepsi Center.

The team called police, and the woman was arrested for assault and battery on a police officer, according to Atlanta police.

“Alisa Keys’ campaign of lies and disrespect has damaged my reputation and made me a target for hatred and hate-filled comments,” Keys’ manager, Jay White, said in a statement.

“She has repeatedly tried to cover her tracks and her actions have made her look bad and dangerous to anyone who respects women.”

Keys is not only targeting the billboard advertising campaign, she’s also attacking the company behind it.

She and her manager, White, did not immediately respond to ESPN.