Rihanna billboard advertises Rihanna’s new single ‘I Am’

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RICHARD STEWART/AFP/Getty Images Rihanna has launched a new billboard campaign in London that shows her face and voice in a new video.

The campaign, which has been dubbed “Rihanna is Here”, is meant to celebrate the star’s return to the UK.

The song is titled “I Am” and Rihanna said it is a “very personal” song, which was written by her father, Prince.

In the video, Rihanna sings a line from the song, saying “I’m here to stay”.

In a video shared by her Instagram account, she is seen dancing to the song.

The ad campaign will run on the side of the London Underground between Wednesday and Thursday.

Rihanna released the video on Twitter, saying it was her first ever official public appearance.

She also posted a photo of herself with a black hoodie, her trademark look.

She was spotted on the set of the movie The Last Airbender, in which she plays the role of Princess Korra.

Rihana’s music career has taken off in recent years, thanks in part to her hit single “Bang Bang”.

It also spawned a number of other hits including “Lose Yourself” and “All of Me”.

She recently took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and she was nominated for the 2017 BET Video Music Award for the song “Bad Blood”.