Robbie Ricch: ‘I don’t care’ if the billboard ad costs us the premiership

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The billboards are already costing Newcastle United and Hull City significant amounts of money and their supporters are not happy with the results.

The Newcastle United fans have been angered by the billboards which read: “Robbie Ricch is the biggest liar in the world”.

A supporter of the Newcastle United team, who wished to remain anonymous, told BBC Newcastle: “I don- I don’t really care about it.

“We are not playing a football league that they’re supposed to be playing.””

A spokesman for Hull City said the billboard was part of a campaign by the club to promote the club as a destination for people to come to and watch football.””

We are not playing a football league that they’re supposed to be playing.”

A spokesman for Hull City said the billboard was part of a campaign by the club to promote the club as a destination for people to come to and watch football.

“We are aware of the billboards and we are working closely with Newcastle United on this,” the spokesman said.

“Hull City does not support the advertising campaign of the team.”

Hull FC does not endorse this advertising campaign.

“What’s the difference between the Newcastle and Hull billboards?

A Newcastle United spokesman said the billboards had been placed by the Newcastle club and the team had no control over them.”

It is our responsibility to ensure that we are advertising in the right way, in the proper manner and to be honest,” the Newcastle spokesman said, adding: “If people want to go to Newcastle, they can do that.

“It’s not about us.”

“We want Newcastle United to continue to be the club that fans want to see.

We have always had the utmost respect for the fans of Newcastle United.”

The Hull City spokesman said they were not involved in the billboard campaign and had not been contacted by Newcastle United.

What’s in a name?

The billboard campaign is part of the club’s new sponsorship deal with Nissan.

The deal was announced in October.

The first three billboards will be placed outside the stadium on Wednesday.

Hull’s first billboard is located in the stadium’s west stand and will be unveiled at 1pm on Wednesday morning.

The second billboard is also at the west stand.HULL FC’s new adverts have been launched with the team’s colours blue and white.

The adverts will be broadcast on the BBC Radio 1 Football Focus and BBC Sport website.

They are aimed at fans who travel to Newcastle for pre-season training or games, or have travelled to the city in the last three seasons and want to come back.

The billboard advertising campaign is expected to run for two weeks.

What do Newcastle United supporters think of the billboard advertising?

Supporters of Newcastle and the Hull City Supporters have been upset by the billboard campaigns and have posted their frustrations on social media.

“The billboards cost us the Premiership,” said a Newcastle United supporter on Twitter.

“I think the billboards cost Hull the title and the future.”

Hull fans have also posted comments on social networks, including on Twitter, in which they are not pleased with the billboards.

“They are just making it about us,” said Hull City supporter.

“What’s wrong with that?”

What the hell is wrong with Newcastle?

I’m sure the billboards are just for marketing purposes, but if they are advertising Newcastle and not Hull, then it’s not a good advert.



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