Teke’ashi 6IX9ine to take ‘The Biggest Show on Earth’ off ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and Yahoo Sports’ platforms next year

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Teke’sashi 6X9ine is poised to make the move from ESPN to Yahoo, ESPN to CBS and ESPN to ESPN’s platforms next fall, according to sources.

The sports channel is moving to Yahoo as the sports platform of choice for its “The Bigest Show onEarth,” which premieres every Sunday.

Yahoo Sports, meanwhile, will get a major boost with a revamped homepage and a redesign of its sports page.

The move by the sports channel marks the biggest shift yet in the evolution of the sports network since its inception in 2010.

ESPN’s sports coverage will continue to be delivered through Yahoo Sports in the coming years, and the channel will also be joined on its new ESPN.com portal as a streaming service in 2017.

The decision to move “The B-Team” to Yahoo comes at a time when Yahoo is trying to regain its foothold as a media company and gain more of an audience.

Yahoo has seen some of its best ratings ever and a slew of major advertisers are backing the new sports network.

Yahoo also announced it will launch its own digital platform this year, with a new team of digital media and entertainment executives.