The best ads for Facebook ads are no longer the ads that win, but the ads they beat

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We are now in a golden age of advertising: The rise of the billboard, social media advertising, and even direct-to-consumer advertising.

We’ve been writing about this for years, but today’s piece offers a brief overview of the latest trends in advertising, with some commentary on what those trends mean for consumers.

Advertising is an ever-evolving industry, and every advertiser has different needs, expectations, and priorities.

Advertising can be a lot of fun, but if you don’t keep your expectations in check, you risk being stuck with a product or service that no longer appeals to your customers.

But we’ve found that the best advertising isn’t just what people want to see, it’s also what people are willing to pay for.

The billboard chart below shows how the best billboards are currently performing across the country, based on how many views they have and how many times they’ve been on the news.

You can view all the best-performing billboards by clicking the image below.

For a deeper look at what people like best, see our guide to the best ads.

And for a look at how the industry is evolving, see Recode’s full year-end list of the 10 best advertising campaigns.

The most popular ads The most-visited billboard campaign is the one that has been most talked about and most viewed in the last year.

The “Make it Better” campaign has been shown on the cover of The New York Times, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and the BBC.

The campaign has won a lot more eyeballs than the rest of the campaigns in the top five, including the top-ranked campaign of the year by Recode.

The top-performing billboard campaign on the list is “Cancer: A Billion Lives Lost” by the “Billionaires Club.”

The campaign is showing more people than any other billboard campaign to date.

Its popularity is due to the fact that it is one of the most popular billboards in the world, despite only being on display for a couple of weeks in 2016.

And the billboard campaign has a clear advantage over all other billboards in that it has a more diverse audience, as well as a more active and engaged audience.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the most-liked billboard campaign of 2016, with an average of 8 million views per day.

The advertising campaign has also won over its audience more than any of the other billboards on this list.

This year, it was the most visited billboard campaign, with 8.6 million views a day.

“The Real Housewives of New York” has the third-highest average daily viewership of all the billboards on the chart, at 5.7 million views.

The average viewer of “The Housewives” on the show has a strong affinity for advertising, according to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2017.

The study shows that women in the US are more likely to watch TV advertising than men, and that women are more than twice as likely to see an ad that is similar to the ads featured on “The Walking Dead.”

The most shared billboard campaign This is the second year in a row that the top billboard campaign for the year has been the most shared campaign.

The year before, in 2016, the “Make It Better” billboard campaign had the most shares, with more than 5 million people sharing the ad on Facebook.

The number of shares per post has increased slightly, with 3.5 million posts on the billboard in 2016 and 4.4 million on the year after.

The biggest share of the advertising market share in 2016 was shared by “Cocaine Anonymous,” with a whopping 28.5 percent of the total share.

But “The Big Short” and “The Great Gatsby” both managed to grab the second-highest share of all time, taking the number one spot in 2016 with an estimated 9.7 percent share.

In 2017, the biggest share shared on a billboard was the “We Are The Champions” campaign, which had 5.3 million shares.

This time around, “The Power of Now” had the largest share of any billboard campaign with more over 5.4 percent, and it’s a trend that is expected to continue as advertisers continue to spend more time on advertising.

What are some of the biggest advertisers who have been around for a while?

Facebook is the top paid advertiser on Facebook, with over $50 billion in advertising revenue.

This includes nearly $35 billion from Facebook’s advertising in the first half of 2017.

This figure is up from $34.4 billion in 2017, but is only slightly up from the $36.7 billion Facebook generated in 2016 before the election.

Google is the next most-active paid advertisers on Facebook with $6.4 trillion in advertising revenues.

Facebook is followed by Google, which generates $5.7 trillion in ad revenue.

Twitter is the third most-spending paid advertisER on Facebook and has more than $4 billion