The billboard business: The business of the future

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Austin, Texas — Bertelsmann’s billboards, the brand’s biggest source of income, are getting new life in Austin.

The Austin City Council voted to extend a $15 million contract with the American advertising giant to create billboards in the city, bringing the total number of Austin billboards to 1,000.

The contract was signed last month by the mayor, council members and city administrator, but the new billboard deal is expected to take effect in September.

Bertelmann, which was founded in 1939, has a long history in Austin and has been at the forefront of the city’s commercial real estate development.

Bretelmann bought the billboard property from the local company, Blue Fox, in 2013.

Blue Fox owns and operates billboards in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Houston, Atlanta, and New York City.

Brett Dufrechts, a spokesman for Blue Fox told Fortune that the company will not be using Bertelsmann as the new brand, instead partnering with the Austin-based American Advertising Group.

He said that the billboards will be located in areas where Bertelsman has been successful, such as downtown and in neighborhoods where Bertelmann has been profitable.

Bretelsmann has a strong relationship with the city of Austin, and the company has been a major contributor to the city since the 1970s.

The company also has an extensive billboard footprint in Austin, which it has used as a marketing tool for a number of brands.

In a statement to Fortune, Bertelsmans spokesperson said, “We are proud to be partnering with Austin-area businesses to bring the billboard community closer to the people of Austin and the greater Austin region.”

The Austin Board of Supervisors is expected this fall to approve a citywide advertising contract for Bertelsma, which will pay a company $7 million a year for billboards for 30 years.