The future of advertising may be a little bit closer than you think

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It’s been a few years since the first iPhone was released, and now it’s been five years since Google launched its Android operating system.

Now it’s time to take a look at what we’ve learned about the future of ad campaigns.


You’ll be able to customize your ad to target the right audience article Advertising will be easier to do on smartphones and tablets, and the future is going to be more personalised.

Advertisers will be able use a number of features that will let them target specific audiences, including a customised message, video and location.

Ad networks will also be able create customised campaigns for the targeted audience.

“You will be a lot more empowered in the future to create tailored campaigns to suit your audience,” marketing expert James O’Neill told

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Ads will be smarter than ever.

AdWords, the Google-owned ad network, is going all in on social media with new features like targeting ads to specific social networks.

In addition to targeting individual posts, ad networks will be free to target multiple people in the same post, for example.

“There’s a whole range of things you can do with it, including targeting people based on their interests,” AdWords CEO Kevin Turner told News, “to target specific people in your audience, to target people based off their likes, to find people based around their age.”


Google is investing heavily in social media ad tech.

Google has invested in its own social ad platform called AdWords that lets marketers target people in their target groups and also provides them with an online presence.

Google says it plans to invest $50 million in AdWords by 2020, up from $5 million last year.

Google’s new social ad tech will allow advertisers to target a broader audience, as well as users in their local area.


Brands will be more targeted.

Brands have long relied on their brand image to get customers to buy their products.

But brands are getting a lot smarter about targeting their products online.

Brands can now target people across all their social media channels, including their own.

“This is really about brand building,” said AdWords executive director of brand management and marketing, Matt Rennie.

“People are going to start to see brands as much more than just brands.”


The future is more personal.

Brands are going back to the drawing board to better target their marketing to their users.

“I think the more targeted advertising we can do, the more value we’ll see from it,” Renni said.

“If I was a consumer, I would buy more stuff.”

The Future of AdWords: What’s in store?

This article covers some of the new technology Google is introducing, and how it will affect how we engage with advertisements.

We’ll have more to share on this story as it becomes available.