The Lad bible: New billboard size

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The Lad, a bible publisher in Austin, Texas, has just put up a billboard of a large, white house in New York City, which it says is the new billboard size.

The billboard size is a nod to New York’s size as a billboard city, and the billboard size itself is the size of a city of its size.

“We wanted to show how large the city of New York is,” said David Pecore, The Lad’s executive director.

“This billboard was meant to be seen across the country, so we put it up in front of the Statue of Liberty.”

The billboard is about 15 feet wide and about 20 feet tall, and features a large white house, with a red roof.

“I think this billboard is going to be a hit,” said Pecores son, Aaron.

“There are people in the neighborhood who don’t like it because it looks like it’s going to take up space.

But we’re confident that we’re going to get people who don’st like it to see it.”

It’s a bit odd to see a billboard like this in a place like New York, which is a pretty big city.

Pecored said he was looking for an opportunity to advertise a product, and that the billboard seemed like the perfect spot.

“It was just a matter of finding a good place and a good size,” Pecoring said.

“At this point, we’re kind of just starting to get the word out, and we’re hoping to have it up by Thanksgiving.

We’re hoping people will like it.”

The first billboard in New Jersey was about a year and a half ago, and was a sign in front, like the one above, that read “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Pecory said that billboard was about 15 foot wide, and about 30 feet tall.

“The billboard size for New Jersey is bigger than anything we’ve done in New Orleans,” he said.

Pecaore said he plans to put up two more billboards this year in Florida and New Mexico.

“Our next billboard will be in Atlanta, and our next billboard in Columbus, Ohio,” he added.

He said he had a lot of success with the first billboard, with more than 50 people walking past.

He has yet to find a place to put a second billboard, but he said he’d like to get a place for a third.

He is hoping to get more of the same for the third.

“If we can get enough of the people to like it, we could probably get another one up,” Pecaory said.

He also mentioned a couple of other billboard companies that he has been working with.

“One of them is based out of Texas and they’re doing an advertisement for their website,” Pethore said.

It was an advertisement with the words, “Get The Best Ads for Your Business,” and it’s about 20 to 25 feet wide.

Pethores billboard size: 25 feet.

“They have one in Las Vegas, one in San Antonio and one in Denver,” Pucore said, “and they’re also doing an advertising campaign with the word, ‘Get the Best Ads.’

We’re going for the billboard in Atlanta.”



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