The Post’s billboard ad blitz gets a boost from Trump and VP Mike Pence

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The Washington post’s billboard ads have gone viral after a national campaign aimed at stopping the Trump administration’s controversial executive order restricting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the White House said.

The president and vice president signed an executive order last week to temporarily halt all refugee resettlement, and Trump signed it Tuesday.

The executive order bars entry to the United States by people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, as well as citizens of Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

The ban is in addition to a temporary ban that President Trump signed last month barring refugees and immigrants from six predominantly Muslim nations and six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United State for 90 days.

The ad campaign launched on Sunday and was promoted by a group called Stop The War, which has been a mainstay of Trump’s rallies.

The group posted a new ad Sunday in New York City that includes a black-and-white photo of Trump with a man holding a sign reading, “Trump is anti-freedom.


The ad shows a man with a “Trump Is Anti-Freedom” sign.

The image was taken from a video Trump posted on Instagram on Jan. 20 in which he criticized the new order and accused the president of being an anti-American.

The White House also posted a series of new ads on Saturday in New Jersey, Arizona, Florida, California, Texas, Utah, Arizona and Colorado.

The campaign will continue into next week.

“This is the most effective advertising campaign we’ve seen from the president to date,” said Katie Packer, senior vice president at the White Street Group, which is running the campaign.

Trump has been trying to rally support for his plan to roll back Obama-era immigration policy and replace it with a plan that would limit entry from Iran and Syria. “

And we believe it is time for our elected officials to follow suit and stand up for American values and freedom.”

Trump has been trying to rally support for his plan to roll back Obama-era immigration policy and replace it with a plan that would limit entry from Iran and Syria.

The administration has said the ban is needed to prevent terrorist attacks from spreading in the United Sates.

In addition to Trump, the president signed a travel ban against the seven Muslim-majority nations last month.

The order was put on hold by the courts for a second day, and the new executive order also bars travelers from Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

In the new ad, a young woman wearing a hijab is shown walking along a street with a woman in a hijab.

The woman is holding a placard that reads, “The world needs a new beginning.

# StopTheWar,” and the man behind her is holding an American flag.

The man with the sign is wearing a red, white and blue Trump hat with a red heart, which the White, Green and Blue Power hats have become iconic in the White Lives Matter movement.

“Trump, you are the only one that knows how to stop ISIS,” she says in the video, adding that she wants to “stop the war in the Middle East.”

The video, posted to Facebook, has been shared more than 3,400 times and retweeted more than 2,000 times.

The new ad follows the viral push by the Whitehouse to stop Trump’s order.

The post also includes a new poster for the ad, which features a picture of Trump and Pence, who is wearing an orange shirt.

The poster reads, in part, “Stop the war.”

The campaign, which began on Saturday, is targeted at more than 7 million people, according to the White house.

“We believe this ad is going to go a long way in stopping the war and stopping the Islamic State,” said Jennifer Epstein, a senior adviser to the president.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the ad is not about Trump.

It is about the people of the United Kingdom and their leaders.”



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