US President Donald Trump tweets that he will sign legislation to increase transparency on federal spending

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Donald Trump has issued a cryptic tweet, promising that he would sign legislation on Friday that would “increase transparency” on federal funding.

In a series of tweets, Trump, who has vowed to make the federal government smaller, said he would “sign the USA Freedom Act.”

He later posted an image of himself in the Oval Office with the caption, “Big day tomorrow.”

In the same tweet, he also said, “This is big.

Bigger than any I’ve ever seen before.”

The bill would give the executive branch, the government, and the Congress the ability to ask for more transparency on spending.

The House is currently in the process of debating and passing the legislation.

On Tuesday, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both held a press conference on the House floor in the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead and 562 others injured.

The two men vowed to work together to bring gun control legislation to the floor of Congress and to enact stricter gun control measures.

In response to the shooting, Trump issued a tweet on Thursday morning saying he would be releasing his legislative proposals, but not his plan on guns.

Trump’s comments about transparency came after the House passed legislation on Thursday that would require background checks for all gun sales in the US, expand the definition of a “gun show” to include online purchases, and expand the federal background check system.

President Donald Trump signed a $4 trillion bill on Thursday to expand background checks. Garcia (@janefangarcia) October 30, 2021In a separate tweet, Trump said, he would not be releasing any “major announcements” about his administration until Friday, which would be the day before the Congressional recess.

The president also said on Thursday afternoon that he was working with Senators on legislation that would allow the US to take back control of its borders from the Mexican government, a move that has drawn the ire of the Mexican president, who called Trump’s plan “counterproductive.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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