What is Demi Lovato’s new billboard? It’s a sign of how many people she is getting in the market for her new music!

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By: Demi LovatoSource: BleacherReport.com”The whole world was waiting for me, and I’m just happy to see them,” she said in the video for “Fancy.”

“Now, I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s a billboard in Italy.”

Lovato also took to Twitter on Tuesday to confirm that the billboard will be in Milan, Italy, the city where she and her family have lived since moving to the United States in 2007.

The song, “Trueless” (For You), was released in 2016, but was released only as a single on Spotify and is now available on other streaming services.

The video also features Lovato dancing and posing with her new billboard, which is set to appear on Milan’s main highway in the city’s northern suburbs.

“The world is waiting for you and your music,” Lovato said in a tweet.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our new billboard in Milan in the center of the city.

Thank you to all of you for being patient!”

Lovato also shared a photo of the billboard on Instagram.

The pop star, whose current album, “Lovesong,” has sold more than 1.7 million copies in the United Kingdom, tweeted on Tuesday that she had been busy on the road and “had a blast.”

“But I’ve had to get up early this morning to get my kids to bed.

And I have been listening to ‘Fancy,'” she wrote.