What we learned from the new billboard from the billboard insider

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An advertisement for Christian billboards, which were banned from public places last year, has gone viral on Facebook.

The billboard, owned by an advertising company, was placed in the city of Bhopal on November 15, 2017, and has been in circulation for two weeks.

Its slogan, “God has given you the billboard to get a job”, has been repeated in the advertisement for two consecutive days, with the slogan “We are God’s workers” written on the billboard.

The advertisements were removed on October 31 and November 1, 2017 after a petition by residents.

“The message of the billboard is that our job is to give God’s message to the people, to keep their spirit of hope alive and to help them achieve their dreams,” said Anuj Kumar, a resident of Bhatkal.

“This is the message that we are not allowed to do.

This is not right.”

The billboards are not just in Bhopali, but are also seen in other parts of the country.

In a video posted by Bhopals Facebook page, the billboard in Bhandup in Rajasthan shows a picture of a boy with a big smile, with his name written on his forehead.

In another video posted on Facebook, a billboard in Haryana shows a child with a large grin on his face and the slogan,  “God gives you a job.

I am the best”.

The video of the Haryanasis ad, titled “We Are God’s Workers”, has already been viewed over 4,700 times on the Facebook page of the local government of Bhattal.