When Apple finally brings bluetooth speakers to your phone

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Updated June 09, 2019 12:53:22Apple’s first foray into the mobile speaker market is finally here.

The company on Wednesday launched a Bluetooth earbud accessory called the AppleBluetooth Earbuds, a device that lets you stream music from your iPhone to a pair of Bluetooth earphones, allowing you to play music from the same iPhone or iPad on up to six devices at once.

In its promotional video, Apple says the device has built-in Bluetooth connectivity for music playback, and that it can connect to compatible Apple TVs and computers via a standard USB cable.

The new device comes in a few colors, including black, gold and blue.

The Bluetooth Earbud comes with two small, round speakers, which have a small hole on the top that will let you insert a cable into them.

The earbudes are made by Philips and are compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPhone 5C models.

The headphones will also come with a microSD card slot, and can be used to store up to 200 songs.

Apple’s original iPhone was the first phone to have Bluetooth speakers, but they were a little bulky and not very useful.

The Earbuddies can be paired to an Apple TV and have an Apple speaker that plugs into the earbude.

The iPhone’s speaker, on the other hand, is pretty small and doesn’t make much noise, so it can be easily tucked away in your pocket.

Apple will sell the earphones in the US starting in September for $99.99, but it will also sell them in Europe and other countries later this year.

Apple says the ear buds are “an innovative solution for consumers who want to use their iPhone to stream music on multiple devices at the same time.”

Apple has made a number of Bluetooth speakers available over the years.

The Bluetooth Headset, which is available in the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 and is a Bluetooth speaker, is a small, circular device with a large, flat speaker.

It comes with a speaker that’s a little louder and more powerful than the original iPhone speaker, and a pair that’s much smaller.



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