When do you get to work? The billboard in Victoria will go up in October 2019 – it’s on your head

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Posted October 15, 2019 08:04:01 The highway billboard in Melbourne is going up on your forehead.

The billboard in the CBD is set to come down in October and will be replaced by the new $400m Victorian Highway One.

Melbourne City Council says the billboard in City Hall is meant to show “the city’s commitment to its residents and to our city”.

It is the largest billboard in Australia.

Council is still working out exactly what it will cost to remove it.

Mayor of Melbourne David Cunliffe said it was a “challenge for the council” to make the billboard move but hoped it would be done by 2019.

“It’s a very difficult piece of signage to remove because it is one of our most iconic billboards,” he said.

He said the new billboard would be visible to all drivers, including pedestrians.

“We have put up a lot of signage that will be visible through a lot more than just pedestrians,” he told ABC News.

But he said it would also show the “good news” about Melbourne’s congestion.

Victoria’s Highway One was originally installed in 1989, and was designed to reduce congestion by encouraging people to use a single, single lane.

When it opened in October, it was the largest highway billboard to ever go up, with a total of 20,000 billboards across the state.

City Council said the billboard was the first one to go up for two years in Victoria.

Mr Cunleiffe said the project had been “very challenging” but the billboard would “show the good news” of the city’s congestion reduction.

For more information on road signs and their installation, visit our website.

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