When the internet’s not enough: Next Big Futures

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Next Big has announced it’s adding two new members to its board of directors: the CEO and co-founder of the internet advertising giant Adblock Plus and an independent board member from the tech industry, according to a statement posted on the company’s website.

The two additions to the board of Next Big’s board of management are former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and an advisor to the firm’s founder and chief executive, Addison Rae.

The move comes just two months after the company announced it was expanding its operations and hiring more employees in an effort to bolster its operations in areas such as social media and mobile advertising.

Adblock Plus has been one of the most successful internet advertising companies of the past few years, as it’s gained a global audience and become a dominant player in the advertising space.

The company recently announced it will launch its own adblock service, Adblock.

Adblock has also announced that it will offer a paid subscription to its services to its users.

In addition to the addition of Rae and Sandberg, the board will include the following members: a former chairman of the board, a former chief operating officer, a founding director of digital media and advertising, a partner in Next Big, and an advisory board member of AdblockPlus.

Next Big has previously expanded its operations to include advertising on mobile devices, and it has announced plans to launch an app for iPhone and Android devices, which it says will include more features and options to users.

The company’s board has previously indicated that it would consider a takeover bid for Adblock if it can secure a larger stake in the company.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that the company had begun a search for a buyer for Next Big.