Which billboard cost the most in 2016?

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A billboard in South Carolina cost the state $2.2 million.

The billboards cost more than $2 million in New York City, which has a population of 1.4 million.

There are a total of 22 billboard companies in the United States, according to the Advertising Research Center.

These companies all spent at least $1.7 million on billboard advertising in 2016.

Here’s a look at which billboards are most expensive.

• 1.

The American Airlines logo: $1,066,821 • 1,000 billboards in Houston, Texas, the city with the largest number of billboards: $824,664 • 1 million billboards in Atlanta, Georgia, the state with the most billboard owners: $3,908,958 • 1 billion billboards in the U.S.: $1 billion Source: Advertising Research Centers, National Association of Advertising Agencies, Advertising Research Association and The Wall St. Journal.

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• 3.

Apple logo: More than $1 million, according a Bloomberg report • 3,000 billboard in Boston, Massachusetts, the country’s largest city with more than 1.6 million residents: $600,000 • 1 trillion billboards in U.K.: $5.6 trillionSource: Advertising Technology & Research Association, Advertising Technology Research Association (ATRA), Advertising Research International, and The World Economic Forum.

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