Which billboard will you buy next?

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Posted February 09, 2018 08:19:59 The new Meek Mill billboard in downtown Winnipeg is being touted as the “most iconic billboard in North America.”

The Winnipeg Jets announced that they will be showing the billboard on game days, with an additional “Meek Mill” banner and the logo of the team prominently displayed.

The billboard was unveiled Monday and was built by the Edmonton-based design firm Hypebricks.

The logo on the billboard has a blue, white and black background, a silhouette of a young Meek holding a bottle and a “M” at the top.

“This billboard will serve as the iconic location for the Winnipeg Jets in all forms, including in our annual celebration of the Winnipeg Classic Hockey,” said Ryan Miller, president and CEO of HypeBricks.

Miller said he has been working with the Jets on this billboard since May and has been told it will be the most iconic billboard to appear in the city.

“We’ve been working on it for months.

It’s an important moment in Winnipeg and in Canada.

We’re proud to be part of the Jets franchise, and this is going to be a landmark moment for Winnipeg,” Miller said.

The Jets’ banner will feature the words “The New Jets” across the top of it.

The company’s logo will be used on the “M”, with the name “Meeks” and the team logo at the bottom.

The original MeekMill billboard was painted over in July 2017, but the Winnipeg team has since restored it.

It has a smaller, more traditional look and features a hockey logo and a message from the team: “Welcome to the Jets, The New Jets.”

A Winnipeg Jets jersey is one of the items on display at the MeekMills billboard.

(Tyson Williams/CBC)”The team is excited to have the billboard restored and we are grateful for the great work of the Edmonton team who has been involved for the past few years.

We know it’s a very big deal to us and the city of Winnipeg, and it’s something we want to be proud of,” said Miller.”

The Winnipeg Classic is an important event, and we hope to bring more people into the city and to celebrate the Winnipeg franchise.”

Miller said that the billboard will be open for public viewing on game day, and that it will feature information about the Winnipeg Classics.

“It will be a part of what the city celebrates and what the Jets celebrate,” he said.

“I think the message behind this billboard is a really good one, and I think it’s an iconic one.”