Which of the Beatles’ billboards will make the cover of the next Billboard magazine?

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A new Billboard magazine will feature a billboard contest, and it’s not the Beatles.

On Monday, the Billboard magazine announced that the pop group’s new album “Let It Be” will be featured on the cover next month, in the same fashion as their cover art of the year’s biggest hits.

It was an interesting decision, because “Let it Be” is actually a pretty good album.

It’s a very ambitious album, and there are plenty of songs that take on some of the more ambitious aspects of pop music — “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Imagine,” “Come Together.”

The band is also known for putting a lot of emphasis on the lyrical content of its songs, and “Let There Be Rock” is no exception.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Paul McCartney called it “one of the best songs that they’ve written” and praised its emotional impact on the listener.

The band’s previous album, “Letting It Be,” was released in 2011, and the new album, with its more ambitious and emotionally charged lyrics, has been praised as a major departure from its predecessor.

(McCartney even tweeted about it, and he was a little taken aback when the magazine posted a photo of McCartney with the cover on Twitter.)

It’s a shame that the cover isn’t the same as the one McCartney wrote on the album cover — the Beatles haven’t been that big fans of making cover art for their albums in years.

McCartney has written lyrics about the Beatles in a lot more places than the “Let” and “Be” songs on “Let,” so it’s really not a stretch to think that the Beatles might have wanted to make the album as a tribute to the songs on their last album.

And the new cover could have been more personal, too.

McCartney wrote a personal message on the front of the cover that read “This is the message I left you, I am going to go on.

It is your message.

We are going to live our lives, I will live mine, and I am doing it with love.”

In some ways, “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” is even a little more personal than the Beatles cover art.

It sounds a lot like a McCartney tribute song, but it also feels like a tribute song to his wife, Yoko Ono, because the lyrics are very personal and about her relationship with her late father.

There’s a lot to like in “Let This Be Your Song.”

There are songs about love and loss, about how difficult it can be to accept things, about having your dreams come true but still having to keep fighting against them.

McCartney’s lyrics are really universal and have an almost pop sensibility, which makes it even more poignant than the cover.

As far as the cover goes, I think it’s a great tribute to Lennon’s lyrics, which have been a huge part of his life and art.

McCartney was a big part of the creative process of “Beatles,” and he also wrote “Let You Down,” “Lucky,” and “Across The Universe.”

It’s nice to see his name on the back of a pop album cover.

It feels very personal to me, as well.



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