Why India needs to take the next step

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A billboard that says “Why is the world not going on its way?,” has been erected in central India to draw attention to the plight of its 1.25 billion citizens.

The billboard is located in the city of Nainital in the western part of the state of Bihar, and is situated between the city and a temple, where a statue of Buddha, a famous figure from ancient India, is also situated.

The slogan, “No more deaths, no more pollution, nomore poverty, no less jobs, no no more India,” has become a rallying cry of the movement for a sustainable future for millions of Indians.

The billboards are made by an industrial company in New Delhi called BTS, which has been contracted to construct them by a private company.

“Our aim is to change the image of India,” BTS CEO Ashish Kumar told The Hindu.

“This billboard was created for the people of Bihar and the entire country, which is a very important part of India.

It is a symbol of hope and progress for India.”

The billboard was erected in Bihar’s eastern and western parts of the city.

A similar billboard was installed in Pune, in India’s eastern state of Maharashtra, in August 2016.

“India is a poor country, it has a lot of problems,” said Kavita Krishnan, a student at the Indian Institute of Management, New Delhi.

“It is the poorest country in the world.

If it were to be able to be a great country, people would be very happy and be able help their neighbour.

We have to do something, otherwise India will not be a rich country.”

Krishnan is one of the organizers of the “No More Deaths, No More Pollution, No Less Jobs” campaign.

“We have seen a lot in the past couple of months that India is facing some problems.

This is the last message we are trying to get to people,” she told The Indian Express.

“They have no other way to express their frustration, and they don’t have any alternative to the billboards.

They have no alternative other than to do it.”

Krishnas protest was inspired by the protests of the farmers and labourers in the UK against high fuel prices and high transport costs.

According to the World Bank, the cost of transportation is one third the cost in India, and that of food is four times that of the UK.

“The billboards in Bihar are not meant to be the last sign of hope,” said Krishnan.

“When the world is struggling, it is better to see that the cause is real, and the solution is real.

People are tired of being ignored.”



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