Why is Lil Durk, Lil Wayne, and others leaving billboard news?

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The most iconic billboard in America has been vandalized and defaced with the words “kill all white people” and “kill white people.”

A photo posted by @billboardnews on Oct 14, 2017 at 7:21pm PDTIn the aftermath of this week’s attack on the billboard in California, there have been numerous reports of similar graffiti on billboards across the country.

While these attacks are obviously not reflective of the overwhelming majority of the billboards across America, it is clear that the problem is not limited to one state.

It appears that a very vocal minority of white people are not happy about these billboards.

While there are certainly many reasons why someone might choose to attack or vandalize a billboard, we can point to the fact that the most prominent culprits appear to be white men.

This is not surprising given that a large portion of the white population is not in favor of black people and are often referred to as “good” people.

In fact, a recent poll from the Pew Research Center found that more than half of white respondents believe white people do not have a positive impact on society.

When white people commit vandalism against other white people, they tend to use racial slurs, even when it is in a positive way.

They often attack people who are perceived to be “uncomfortable” or “other” in their presence.

While the majority of these incidents are not reported to police, they are a reminder of the often overlooked violence against white people.

A billboard in Los Angeles vandalized with graffiti by Lil Durks (right) and the words ‘kill all black people’A billboard vandalized by Lil Wayne in New YorkThis incident in California comes just weeks after the billboard vandalism of Lil Durkedad in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a number of other white Americans have also been caught vandalizing other white celebrities.

While these acts are not necessarily motivated by hatred of black Americans, they do suggest that white people see black people as inferior.

It also seems to be a tactic used by the very vocal white minority of black America.

These actions are indicative of a larger trend.

While there are no hard numbers to prove the exact number of white Americans who commit these acts, many white people claim they feel threatened by other white individuals and believe that this is the result of “political correctness.”

White people often blame the “political” correctness movement for these acts.

While this rhetoric is not necessarily true, many people believe that the media and politicians are intentionally suppressing the voices of minorities.

These attacks also highlight how the mainstream media and other outlets have a disproportionate impact on the voices that are being represented.



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