Why Nicki Minaj’s billboard ad costs £5 million in UK

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This is a brand new billboard campaign by the rapper, and is a joint venture between her PR agency and the Advertising Standards Authority of Great Britain.

The campaign was launched in the UK on Wednesday.

It features a series of messages from Minaj, including the slogan: “I’m here to tell you who I am, and what I stand for”.

“She’s very passionate about the issues facing women in the world, and it’s something she’s worked tirelessly to promote through her music,” a spokesperson for Minaj told The Independent.

“It was the perfect way to show women that the world isn’t ready for them to be seen as a role model for women and the world is for them.”

In the video, Minaj speaks about her battle with the disease, and describes the campaign as a way for the campaign to reach women who “have felt invisible and out of place”.

“I believe that you’re not alone,” she says.

“There are women all over the world who have been left out and forgotten.

I know that I’m not alone in that, but I think it’s our responsibility to show that women are not only welcome and empowered to be who they are, but they are able to live their dreams.”