Why the Republican Party Needs to Adopt an Anti-Viral Strategy

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Posted November 24, 2010 3:22:30The American Conservative is proud to be a part of the Republican party.

We believe the Republican agenda can and should be built on the strength of conservative principles and values.

Our platform will be based on those principles and those values.

We will work to end the scourge of pandemic influenza, a crisis that affects every American and every community, and we will lead the way in eradicating the pandemic and the threat of pandemics like this one.

We can be an effective force for good in the face of the virus, the economy, and the global threat of climate change.

The American conservative stands for a more conservative agenda than the Obama administration.

We are a conservative movement that rejects all of the trappings of liberalism, including government intervention and the political elite.

We oppose Obamacare and the health care law.

We do not support a national debt ceiling increase.

We reject bailouts for corporations and bailouts to the financial institutions.

We favor a return to private property ownership and individual liberty.

The American conservative rejects all government programs and initiatives that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the working poor and the middle class.

We are a movement of Americans who are proud of our heritage and our heritage’s legacy.

We stand for a return of our country to a place of limited government, a return that restores to working people and the working class their dignity, independence and economic security.

We pledge to defend and defend our constitutional rights against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We pledge to maintain the dignity of our Constitution and to protect the rights of our citizens to keep and bear arms and to practice religion of their choice.

The principles we hold dear as conservatives are what made America great, the American conservative is a conservative who stands for those principles.

We believe that the right to life, liberty and property is fundamental and our first priority is protecting the lives of unborn babies.

We must uphold the constitutional right of all Americans to choose to be born again, and this is the most important issue facing our country.

The president has taken the lead in this effort.

We cannot stand idly by while our children are denied the freedom to make a life-long decision to marry a loving, committed, law-abiding citizen.

We do not accept the Obama presidency’s failure to protect our country from pandemic flu and the economic crisis it has caused.

We demand the immediate return to a national health insurance plan, including a single payer system, a health care program for all, and a fair share of revenues from the sale of all government-owned and -operated assets.

We also demand an end to the war in Afghanistan and the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

We oppose the Obama’s unilateral war policies that have devastated the Middle East and destroyed our infrastructure, and are committed to an end of all U.S. intervention and occupation.

We want to see the end of the war on terror and we want to work with our allies to secure a negotiated settlement to the Syrian crisis.

We condemn the U.N. climate change treaty that has become an international laughingstock and have no confidence in its ability to achieve meaningful progress in combating climate change and ending poverty.

The Republican party is the party of the people, the party that represents the interests of the middle and working classes, and it is the conservative party that will protect our values and protect our rights.

We support a balanced budget amendment that balances the budget, cuts taxes and balances the federal budget.

We recognize that there is no silver bullet for addressing this crisis, and that we cannot solve the pandemic by ourselves.

We urge the president to pursue a bipartisan solution.

We have a responsibility to address the economic issues that plague our country, and in particular the crisis of pandemia.

We support the president’s economic agenda that includes the elimination of the Federal Minimum Wage, a $10.10 an hour minimum wage, and other steps to reduce unemployment.

We welcome and support his efforts to eliminate income tax deductions for high-income taxpayers and his commitment to a balanced federal budget, and our party stands ready to work closely with him to address this crisis.

We will work closely to make sure that we keep America competitive and that every American has a fair shot at a good job.

We strongly support an American manufacturing renaissance, and I will lead an effort to expand access to American businesses.

We look forward to working with the administration to strengthen the American economy and provide new opportunities for American workers.

We welcome the bipartisan efforts to combat the pandemia and the pandemaker, and to strengthen America’s border security.

We appreciate President Bush’s decision to nominate former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as head of the Department of Homeland Security.

I am proud to work alongside him to ensure that the Department is a permanent, effective, and bipartisan force for law and order.

We applaud the Administration for its efforts to protect American citizens from the threat that this pandemic poses to America and