Why this billboard in Japan is the most expensive billboard ever made

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By Andrew KaczynskiIn the 1970s, the British company that owned the Japanese national flag had a problem.

They wanted to get the flag to look like something more like the one used on their country’s flag, the English-speaking flag.

So, they took out the blue in one corner and put in a blue and yellow stripe.

The flag is now the world’s most expensive flag.

But when they came up with a new flag in 1983, the flag was so big, they couldn’t make it fit in the corner.

So they decided to make a billboard with two white letters on one side, and two red letters on the other side.

It was a perfect advertisement for Japan, so the Japanese government ordered the billboards, which cost roughly $6,000 each, be placed in every Japanese shopping center.

Tokyo-based TKO Advertising has been making these billboards ever since.

The company’s billboard in Tokyo’s central business district in 2005 cost about $6 million, but it was so massive that the Tokyo metropolitan government had to relocate it to a different location.

In Tokyo, where the billboard is located, people pay the maximum per-trip fee of 2,000 yen (about $7.50) to visit the billboard.

A trip to the billboard in Osaka costs less than 1,500 yen ($2.40), and a trip to Osaka costs 1,000 to 2,500 ($3.30 to $4.90).

TKO also sells advertising space in the city center, and it has a booth outside the Tokyo Olympic Park.